Driving Tips For Australia: A Beginner’s Guide

Every year Australia becomes home to many new immigrants and residents, in addition to welcoming several tourists from different parts of the world. It also means that the Australian roads see plenty of drivers who are ‘beginners’ who are relatively unfamiliar to the special driving rules in these parts of the world. We try to outline a few tips for all those who intend to drive in Australia.

International Driving License – the first step to driving in Australia is to get a valid license. Licenses from foreign countries are valid only for three months. If you plan to stay beyond that, be prepared to take driving lessons and get your Australian driving license from the state of your residence. If your international license is not in English, you need to get an equivalent English translation.

Right Wheel Drive/ Left Hand Traffic – While the car makes are very similar in most countries, one major difference for residents in America and many European countries, is the right wheel drive. The driver’s seat is to the right of the car and vehicles must ‘keep left’. This is familiar for former British colonies and commonwealth nations like the Indian subcontinent, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Jamaica etc. but drivers from most other nations would find it awkward at first. If you are used to stick gears, it would require some driving lessons and practice to handle it with left hand. You may prefer an automatic transmission vehicle to avoid complications. Keeping left is also vital. Several international travelers get into accidents by forgetting their turns and directions.

No turning left on red – unlike USA or some other countries where turning right on red is allowed, Australia does not allow turning left on red. Turning right or U-turns on red are allowed only in Victoria and some other territories, but must be done only when clearly mentioned. Too often, beginners visiting my driving school seem confused or intimidated by rules for hook turns and roundabouts.

Seatbelts are a necessity for driving anywhere in the country. No exceptions.

Drunk driving is a criminal offense everywhere in Australia. Again, no exceptions

Speed limits and road signs are present across most of the roads. There are special cases like Melbourne where tram tracks run across the roads. Please take special note of the signs.

It is possible that you may be driving in vast stretches outside the city limits if you are visiting Australia...

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Delaware auto insurance mandates

You need to know about the insurance laws in your area before you buy a new policy for your vehicle. For example, in Michigan, you have to have at least PLPD to be allowed to drive your car. In the UK, there are policies that state that you cannot use your car after dark. There are Delaware auto insurance mandates that lay down further regulations in that state that would not be followed in Michigan or the UK. The rules are basically the same everywhere, but there could be key differences in your local area, and you want to become familiar with them as soon as you can.

Too many people put this off and they know nothing about how the insurance works until they are in an accident. When that happens, they learn about it all very quickly because they might not have the coverage that they though they had, they might not have been following the laws, or the might just not be able to take advantage of parts of the policy that they neglected to buy. This is the worst time to learn about your policy since it is too late to change it, but it happens to people every single day.

To keep this from happening to you, take some time right now and find out what you need. Find out what the laws require and what you want. Only after you fully understand all of these things should you buy any sort of a policy.

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Pacific Stereo

Regardless of what type of stereo system you might be looking for, professional sellers like Pacific Stereo will help you build exactly what you want for your car stereo. If you are looking for car navigation, car video, car security, car iPod or mp3 capability or anything else, you will find all the tools to help.

Car audio systems are often a personal process for the driver and music fan. Many times, an audiophile prefers to build a system based on their favorite components. If that sounds like you, reach out to a stereo expert who understands that and can help you find all the components and brands you prefer.

Choose from car speakers, Bluetooth capability, car subwoofers, car amplifiers, car disc changers, satellite radio, HD radio and a large collection of accessories.

If you have security and safety concerns for driving, or if you simply want the ability to videotape when you need to, consider the in-dash video systems available. Rear-view cameras are a great tool for you to check out if you have to do a lot of backing in and out of tight spaces. If you have children, rear-seat entertainment is important for long road trips.

Navigation problems will be a thing of the past when you look at the large selection on your stereo seller’s website. Whether you want an in-dash navigation system, a mobile GPS system, a rear-view mirror navigation system, or something else, you will always be able to find your way on the road.

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Use Your Car to Get Loan

With the cost of necessities skyrocketing, it can be a challenge to make ends meet on a weekly or monthly basis. Just the cost of food has risen nearly three percent since the year 2012, making even the most basic items needed for the home more costly at the checkout. The rising prices at the pump and the grocer can make a big dent in your savings account and cause serious problems when you have an emergency and need funds quickly. Luckily, there are some options available for the times when you need cash quickly. For instance, loans are available from companies such as 800loanmart lending services if you meet eligibility criteria.

Loans are one of the fastest solutions when you have an unexpected financial emergency. Typically, you will need to have a job and a bank account in order to be eligible for loans from most major lenders. You may need to fax in a copy of the documentation needed for the loan, as well, to assist the company in verifying your information. Some companies offer to deposit the loan in your personal bank account within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on the lender that you choose, which is a major benefit for most. Look for a company with a reliable reputation and a streamlined, easy lending process to find the money that you need.

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